Door/Frame/Handle Animation

Hi guys, first timer here.

So in max I have a double door (2 objects) and a frame, and their handles. What’s the best way to bring these in to UE4 as a group, but still able to animate the individual elements as if they’re separate?


Id say a blueprint that animates them and set their pivot points so the user (and you) can use a simple addLocalOfffset node to ‘animate’ them without the need for skeletal meshes. Maybe do two versions skeletal and prop. Gives lot of variety. Think of your target market, people who dont want to/dont know how to make and animate a door… that makes it pretty much beginners with a general “pay for what i need” attitude to developing so plug and play blueprints are popular. Could use public vars and/or construction script for modularity too.

Hope this helps
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