Door Close Sound when Rotation = 0

Hi i have an automatic Door Open/Close blueprint and I want to add sound to it, when I enter the trigger box the door open sound is played(perfect), but when the door is closed and rotation goes to 0 or near 0 i need to play the closed door sound , i try doing it on finished timeline but is out of sync because i reach 0 faster or slower than timeline, i also use on eventendoverlap with delay also I got an out of sync sound, the perfect way will it be when rotation goes to 0, right now i have a boolean to check < 1 which seems to work but no sound…


new level firstpersonplayer level with door blueprint and sounds to test

The branch and the “Play sound 2d Node” you have near the EVENT TICK are not connected to any exec pin. You should connect the entry pin of the branch to something (for example to the “Finished” pin in the Timeline node).

Hi, connecting the Branch to the Finished pin gives me out of sync sound, door rotation reaches 0 and 2 seconds goes by and then I hear the sound…basically Finished seems to finish later than rotation 0

Hi i think i solved the problem, the wav file had a 1 second almost silent part at the begining, so it looked out of sync, i trim the wav and it seems perfect now, thanks for your help, i tr