Door chain blue print

I have 3 doors in my level blueprint that i would like to chain as in one door will not open unless another door is opened first and im not sure on how to go about that

I have it in blue print but what Im saying is like i need a trigger to turn on another trigger. so when you open door A you then turn on or unlock door B so basically a trigger turning on another trigger. this is what my 3 door level blueprint looks like


If you want DoorA to only unlock when DoorB is unlocked, you need to pass DoorA a reference to DoorB and when the player tries to open DoorA you can check if DoorB is open and act accordingly.

You can do this through the level blueprint

I think this was meant to be a reply to me instead of a new answer. That picture is completely unreadable. You can use event dispatchers to handle unlocking doors - Event Dispatchers | Unreal Engine Documentation

thank you but im still not getting it it seems that the dispatchers work if two blueprints need to talk to eachother and im trying to do this all in the level blueprint as shown in the picture. also i am still very new to blueprints

set an event dispatcher on a manager object, then when you open a door call that event, then on each door you can bind a function to the event which will check if that door is meant to open.

or you can pass each door references to every other door and figure it out manually

Easiest way is to create two bool variables called DoorAOpened and DoorBOpened, then you would need to set the variable DoorAOpened to true after the door A is opened.

Then add branch after trying to unlock the door B to check if variable DoorAOpened is true, if it is open door B, if not do nothing, or play some denial sound. The same goes for DoorC, you just Plug into branch DoorBOpened variable.

i just fixed this with using matinees on the tiggers and moving them to lock and unlock the doors