Door BPs not working properly

Hi there.
I was trying to create simple doors for the Project I am working on.
I made two different BP, one with double doors and one with a single door. The problem is as soon as I place the double door BP in the scene the single door stops working completly and if I place another double door the double door(s) I placed before also stop working. I am not sure if this is a bug or if I made a mistake creating the Blueprints.

They are both using input event, so one is listening and blocking the other.

There are other ways to do this with interfaces, overlaps, collision, etc.

Thank you for the reply. Is there a good way to solve this problem. Later we plan to use the same button for all interact actions and we want the player to open doors multiply times by using said button.

Pezzotti didn’t quite explain it clearly.

Create a custom event. Not the input.

Create a blueprint interface.
Add a function to the interface.
Implement the interface in the door BP
Implement the function of the interface within the door BP - call the custom event.

Use the same interface on anything you need to open.

Make a “MASTER” door blueprint.
Create child blueprints from the blueprint to instantiate different doors.

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Thank you for the answer!