Door blueprint with sequencer instead of matinee

Hi guys. I made this simple door blueprint for a door that opens once the trigger box is overlapped, it stays fully open until you leave the box and it closes again.

The delays are necessary otherwise the closing animation will jerk. see the attached photo

However, I still wasn’t able to modify it in a way that it starts to close once you leave the trigger box if mid of the opening animation.

Any Ideas are welcome.

Hi graphicsgriffin,

first of all, I would recommend using a Timeline instead of all the individual parts in your blueprint. It will be much cleaner looking.

I have created a hinged doubledoor which opens as soon as the trigger is overlapped by the player, see my BP attached.

If I remove the delay (or set it to 0) my door will immediately start the reversed animation. Do you actually need the delay? If not, try to rebuild my blueprint without the delay and it should work fine.
Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Finally, I got it to work with sequencer and it’s very easy! I found this page:

I used a sequence for the door animation using sequencer instead of using matinee. The blueprint is very simple as shown in the attached image. The trick is to add a shot track in sequencer, then right click any tracks in matinee main window and choose >>> properties >>> when finished “keep state”. See the second attached image.

Now I think I can ditch matinee for good! You know what? Matinee is a pain in the A$$$, sequencer is much easier!