Doom E1M1 Remake with UE4 and Freedoom assets


I’ve been working on a project to make an old school shooter like Doom or Duke Nukem 3D using Unreal Engine. All the game logic will be shared in the future for free so anyone can make their own sprite based FPS including multiplayer.

I just finished a remake of E1M1 I made with SketchUp and Freedoom assets. Here it is some gameplay:

And if you want to try it you can get it here.

I’m working on the weapon system, I’ll post some updates when I finish.

Ah, this takes me back. I have a soft spot for old Doom Engine & Build Engine games. How are you handling weapon switching for this?

I don’t remember player control to be so sloppy. I suggest you to tweak the “Acceleration / Deceleration” values to improve control feelings. I think you’re looking for very high values.

Nice 2D implementation and nice nostalgia feels aside from that.

I made a State Machine for the weapons, when you switch from one to another it checks if the one you’re wielding is in the Ready state and then it activates a timeline that moves it down, puts it into Unequiped state, switches to the new one while moving it up and changes its state from Switching to Ready when it finishes all the movement.

Yeah that definitely needs tweaking, I have planned to do it after the basic multiplayer deathmatch is done. I want to add wallrunning so friction may also need to be changed if acceleration is not enough. When I implement the gore system it’s going to feel awesome.

Here it is a preview of what’s coming for my next build:

Oh man, this brings back the days of trying to play this on my crappy home computer when i was younger.

Nonetheless, you seem to have gotten the weapon switching down and ready to kick demon scum.

Here you can see zombie scum being kicked:

First update finished, here it’s some gameplay:
If you want to try it you can get it here or using the link on my signature.

Looking forward to getting a chance to see the source code - there’s definitely some stuff in there I’d be interested in seeing!

My RAM died and had to RMA it, I’m going to upload and post an update soon.

You’re the one who commented on Youtube about the sprite angle switching right? I can make a video and paste some screenshots here if you want.

This would be beneficial to me as well :slight_smile:

OK, I’ll prepare something and make a new thread on the “Community Tutorials” subforum.

Thank you so much! Let me know when you post it :slight_smile:

A year later, you probably are now not interested in this and I forgot to post the link here (sorry), but anyway:

****[TUTORIAL]](Very easy and simple "Doom like" sprite based character - Unreal Engine Forums)Very easy and simple “Doom like” sprite based character

And because some were interested I created a Patreon to download the project with other logic added to the pack.