DOOM E1M1 recreate

Hi guys! Here’s my remake of the iconic E1M1 from DOOM. I build this to familiarize myself with the engine. I try to be as faithful to the original aesthetic as possible while adding some more details to the scene.

Your job is AWESOME. I mean really, it looks neat.

in my personal opinion: I think you should try different style for thinks that were made “because it couldn’t be done better”. For example acid pool road with it’s rough edges looked neat in original but with this advance in graphics it looks silly (although again, awesome job) so for the sake of keeping yourself faithfull for aestetics you might consider revising those edges or redesigning road altogether.
Same goes for: steps, lamps beside exit door, exit switch, fance near exit.
again, this is ONLY my opinion and those notes was possible to make because everything else looks so “in place”. Keep going.

Looks good to me , good job.

This looks super cool!

Good job on recreating the map. It’s really true to the original.
Now you could refine it and fill it with all the details that weren’t possible back then.
I would love to see a remake of that map. Ask yourself “what would it look like if it was made nowadays?”

You sure you don’t want to rename it into BLOOM?

Where did you get those textures? I know there’s a hi-rez texture pack out there but I’ve never been able to find it.

Very cool, feature on PC Gamer :slight_smile:

Huh, odd. Its in russian and i couldnt browse any content. Highly doubt any files have been taken, and remaking doom levels is hardly an original idea that needs to be credited to anyone but ID. Ive thought about remaking doom levels for 10 years or more in various engines. Should i credit these people too if i ever decide to do it?.. Maybe you should just comment on the guys hard work rather then suggest hes stealing someone elses work or idea? ( as if this idea could be stolen)

Looks really awesome. Keep it up !

None of its really a problem to be honest im sorry if that was hostile, its just simply my opinion, which is, what exactly makes you think you should be given credit for an idea anyone in the world could have, and may very well have done before you even considered it? Only real credit i feel anyone could ask for is to credit the author(s) of the level for the original doom game, unless this guy did in fact steal some form of content from another individual that created a similar project to create this. Maybe im misunderstanding EXACTLY what you are trying to say, im not exactly sure if english is your native language. Regardless though, im going to assume this guy didn’t steal any content someone else spent time creating. (Feel free to correct me, i havent actually cross referenced any screenshots for either this work or the work done @ the page you linked)

Excuse me but your screenshot is very different from the others posted, beginning from bloom falloff, then textures and materials. Different camera angle too.
What makes you so sure the OP ripped off your work?

I was about to rant about how hard is it to understand what you’re talking about. Its an exact copy as the original game, which leads me to believe that in the end. If it was by hand, then I understand why all the websites are giving this credit…but I’ve seen far better use of modern game engines that gives love to a classic without over using normalmaps & bloom.

Sheesh. This argument is pointless. The IP belongs to nobody here.

They are from DHTP, the Doom High-Res Texture Project. Here’s the link: GitHub - KuriKai/DHTP: DOOM High Resolution Texture Project.

I remade the whole level using BSP, I took the overhead map as the base and build from there

Thanks guys, this mean a lot to me. My plan is to modernize the map using new assets, flesh out the settings… This remake is just to capture the “feel” of the original so I can properly move on.

I kinda push the brightness a bit when taking the screenshots :))

Here you go sir.

Thank you for telling me, I forgot that I uploaded here :)))