Don't work my solution for "put character into a vehicle"

Hi everyone, I need your help. I create blueprints on my level for realization transfer pawn controller (character into a vehicle). But I did not know, how to hide my character(mesh) and how realize his exit close to a vehicle.

(first solution)


Later, I modify my blueprints and now it does not work. I can not understand why. Can you see?


Maybe if youre just using one usable vehicle its ok, but if you plan to have more vehicles, you should make the possession nodes into the vehicle BP, no on the level BP.

Here you can find my old WIP possession nodes, this pics are outdated, so I wasnt moving pawn to the right position when you leave the car etc, but you should take an idea of the workflow.

(Scroll down a bit)

Thank you, Nesjett ))

Hi Andrew…Assuming you are the one who asked for the Tutorial in my YouTube channel here is how i did it.

First in my Vehicle Blueprint i added a box trigger. Then in box trigger overlap i checked if the overlapping actor is my character and if it is then execute an Event in my character. See the graph:

Then in my character Blueprint i simply possess the vehicle and run a vehicle specific Interface function (optional). See the graph:

The Vehicle Possess function you see in My Character Blueprint is this:

NOTE: These graphs were created in Unreal Engine 4 Beta build which didnt had Blueprint communication. Now that Blueprint communication is available you can use that feature instead of Interface.

Hope this helps.

Yes, it’ me) Thanks!