"Don't Look" - Horror game in Alpha stage


“Don’t Look” is a first-person horror game made in Unreal Engine 4.10.2 in which your goal is to reclaim thing’s that have been stolen from you by malevolent forces, using only the elementary tactics of closing your eyes, to make the monsters go away.


“You are a little girl living in an isolated section of the Canadian Rockies. You wake up in the middle of the night to find your bedroom door open and some of you belongings missing. Strange, considering the isolation in which your family lives. It is rare that anybody would travel so far from the city. You sneak out of the house and begin your search for your belongings. Very quickly you begin to notice that you are not alone in the woods. You can close your eyes to make them go away, but you can’t keep them away forever.”





As was stated the game is in a very basic Alpha stage right now. The core mechanic of the game is that you can hold the right mouse button down in order to close your eyes and make the monsters lose sight of you, hold your eyes shut long enough and the monsters will leave. However I still have yet to program the AI to actually run away. As of right now, you must out-run them (which is equally as thrilling) but be careful as they will not stop chasing you. I am running out of time and money and in order to get this game finished, I need the full support of anybody who is interested and I will be forever grateful to those individuals. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. However all of this being said, the game is fully playable as of now from start to finish.


There is nothing left to do. You’ve made it this far and the earliest build of the game is currently available for free over on GameJolt. Follow this link to download it and try the proof of concept for yourself:


Looks pretty solid. Just downloaded it and try it out, definitely a solid base. Looking forward to seeing more!