Dont know where to start

I have been going threw the tutorials on the UE4 and i dont know where to start what to make so that i can learn more from creating something myself. Can anyone give me tips on what to actual start making in UE4 what kind of game, and why…
I just really want to learn more and more on how to use UE4.

Do you got any idea what you want to make?

Just something that i can learn from. recommend me a tutorial if u know one thats good. I just want to learn the basic and more advanced things i can do in UE4.

It hard to answer such question, you need some specific goal first because you can go anywhere, if you don’t have any try playing with templates and demos and try to modify them whatever you come up on head (for example turning Shooter demo in to CTF?), once you got specific tasks established it will be easier for you to find help.

If you bookworm maybe docs will be good starting point for you: Unreal Engine 4 Documentation | Unreal Engine Documentation

The Epic Wiki contains a few tutorials under the Build a Game section. Maybe one of them catches your fancy? You could then follow along to learn something and maybe add some other tweaks yourself. Once you’ve got a goal, you’re bound to come up with more specific “How do I do X?” kind of questions.

Thank you.