Don't know where to start on my game

I’ve been using UE4 for about a year now getting used to it and having fun creating random things, but now I want to actually create a project/game. The problem is I am completely lost when it comes to knowing what to do in order. I don’t know what to do from beginning to end. Should I code first, or make animations, or build a map first, etc. I need somewhat of an idea or agenda from start to finish.

Here’s my advice:

  1. Get a super-simple simple player programmed and working (just use something like a cube for its model)
  2. Create a little starting map to test it in, with very simple geometry
  3. Make your character model, then texture it, then animate it
  4. Make just a few props and enemies with complete models/animations/textures, and implement their code
  5. Now start making the core rules of the game, like making your character interact with enemies, etc.
  6. Make the Main Menu, UI, “You Won” and “Game Over” screens. Essentially get a super-duper bare-bones version of your game working. You need this to keep up morale.
  7. Now the hard part. Start making the levels. This will take the most time, and will make you want to give up. If its a good game concept and you think you can handle it, then don’t give up.
  8. Start polishing. (Get everything working smoothly, make the UI as user-friendly as possible)
  9. Finish polishing and start testing. Get some people you know to play your game (actually, do that for every step after step 6)
  10. When its ready, release it.

More advice: Make your first game simple. It’s always harder then it seems at first. Your first game won’t be your biggest hit. Make sure you know what your getting into and make sure you have the knowledge before starting a big project. Good luck!

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