Don't kill paragon relaunch idea!

This might be too late but I don’t think you should shutdown paragon. What it needs is a re-write. adding the ability for users to mod it. giving access to paragon’s project with the multiplayer parts locked and only able to modify/add new maps would bring it to a whole new level. give the players access to add custom missions, custom fights and other things of this nature would be amazing and could potentcialy flood it with moder communities.

or giving it the ability that the players themself can host games on their computers would take the strain off server costs and watnot. DON’T EVER GIVE UP ON AN IDEA… EXTEND IT, REVOLUTIONIZE IT, BUT NEVER END IT.

years ago there was a few games that shutdown. to name 1 nightfire 007, the community was shutdown because gamespy shut down. then the hackers in game desided to make their own server software. the community died because of gamespy killed it. but it was my fave game.
don’t let it happen to paragon. add ability to mod the game’s ai, missions and maps and im sure a relaunch would be alot bigger. Who in this community agrees with me?

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