Dont get caught with the CHEESE

Looking for someone to complete our networking solution. Have just purchase Uworks from the market.

It is an 8 player multiplayer game with a cat and 7 mice.

please respond if you are interested

Hey IamtherealSPUD.
I’ve been developing in Unreal Engine for almost 3 years now working on FPS, MMO, and RPG projects.

I’m most talented in UIs and Networking.
Since you purchased UWorks, you’re looking for steam integration? That’s great because I’ve been working in UWorks since its very first version.
If you haven’t joined the official UWorks discord yet, here’s an invite:
You’ll see some of my older work in the #feedback channel. I’m also active in helping other people get their projects set up, so you’ll see me on there.

If you’re interested in working together, the best way to reach me is through discord: ROJO#7399.
Thanks. :slight_smile: