Don't even waste your time downloading Paragon and Infinity Blade content on Windows

You will never be able to package it even though you have it running in game. File to long errror and you can waste weeks trying to make it work. If an asset file is from like Paragon on Windows, it will never package, Try to change folder names and move folders even in UE4, all the dependicies get broken and you get so frustrated after 50 tries to make it package you get sick, and give up.

I got Paragon Sevarog animations and blueprint working in game in a day, and then wasted 2 weeks trying to get it to packaged.

I learned my lesson, I think doing a package check after every major download/update would be prudent.

You working on Apple? Should probably make sure your free content can be packaged on all systems or it’s not really free is it?. Just a pain. Hmmmmmmm…


Why do you want to package content that isn’t yours anyways? (Not that you are not allowed to. It’s just something I wouldnt encourage)
You should never move folders in the Explorer/Finder. Always move folders in Unreal.
There is an option in Packaging to allow Folder Names longer than 250 characters.

Ok, thanks for information.