Don't do this. Ever.


Yeah. Don’t

I dug this up from my really old abandoned project XD

I think we all did that in the beginning of using BPs, I know I made some super crazy stuff like that too

It lags my PC to navigate around that file, and loading it takes minutes

Gave me a really hard laugh lol

Brillant xD

What was going on there?? xD

I call this stage of blueprint “Cthulhu” or spaghetti monster.

i never have those stages, but im overusing functions =/

My eyes!It burns!

Feel ya’ lad.

I used to do literally EVERYTHING in the character class back in those days

It fires a line trace and checks for collisions, then applies damage and returns results. Did it work? Of course no XD

Very cool, feeling at home ^^

Nice Data Center wiring :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow… how long would that be in C++? 200 lines probably…?

Probably 12 lines…

This makes me wish that Epic gave us a way of screenshotting a whole BP. I’d love to see this in its full beauty. :slight_smile:

we can do a screenshot BP library/museum.

Example of Categories:

Abstract Expressionism
Art Deco

we have the first candidate for i think Baroque

^^ +1 <-was all i wanted to write, but it was to short…

I don’t seriously think it is just 12 lines… it has got be at least 50 lines. But my point is, 200 lines is still manageable - in fact, what I am trying to say is this: 200 C++ liners is nothing compared to the huge mess of blueprint spaghetti you just saw. There is no way anyone else other than the original author want to modify it - probably just delete it, and start all over.

Well you know what they say… If it ain’t Baroque, don’t fix it. :cool: