Don't deselect Actor on Play

At the moment, if you have an actor selected in a level, its details show fine. But, when you click play it DEselects the actor. So if you want to see the values or change them runtime to experiement, you have to awkwardly Shift+F1 to get your cursor and reselect the actor from the outline.
Can the selection just stay selected? Thanks!

ps, even in simulate play mode, the actor appears selected, but the details panel blanks out. Then if you click the actor it still doesn’t work, you have to actually click ANOTHER actor and click back on the original.

4 years later and it still does this. This is some pants on head interface design. Is there some way to keep your selection after hitting stop?

When you play in pie every instance is … well, instanced.
meaning its a copy that can be different / altered at run-time.

What you are asking is to copy this instanced data back to the default values. This is not very pheasible. You would risk causing so many issues.

This is also why the editor has an OnBeginPlay and an OnConstruct event that fires when the item is modified in editor. Without pie running.

It’s feasible in Unity :confused: It really makes it painful to try to tweak values. Will try to stick it out a bit more learning the engine. Hopefully it gets better.