Don't Change Which is Already COOL and Perfect.

Hello there,
All I wanted to ask that why in new UE 4.7.3 there are Defaults, component and Graph tabs are combined in one single window? I mean before they were separated each were individual tab at the upper right corner and that was soo neat and clean now they just gathering all together in one window its not bad but previous individual tabs were sooo cool. Can we get that back???

You still have the tabs, they’re just above the middle panel, instead of the top right of the window.

The new system is much more flexible. You could now show the 3D viewport and the graph next to each other, or just keep using tabs.

While i do agree its more flexible i also miss the old layout.
Now everything is so cramed together and messy, i preferd the old layout as well.

You can turn it off in the options, in the experimental section.

I also really don’t like the new layout and I really wish that they don’t remove the option to use the old style. The new one is just too cramped with everything in one window.


Hello ONOA thank you very much for ur help…seriously I didn’t imagine about removing that “single layout Blueprint Editor” option that will be like spend extra time to get familiar with the same Game Engine. they can try new layouts if they want to but they should not remove old options at any cost…simply all options should be available.