DoN's 3D-Pathfinding / Flying-AI system (with full source!)

How to make an actor fly randomly, and when a player steps into range, fly to him?
The game freezes and hangs whenever the random destination location has collision.

There’s a variable "Auto Correction Guess List” in the DoNNavigationManagerVolume which I have a hard time trying to figure out. I think it can solve my issue.
Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Could someone try to compile this to Unreal Engine 5 early access? That would be awesome if that worked.

I just tried, I was able to get it to compile for UE5 EA by making simple changes to the .uplugin file, I removed the engine version line, and then I had to shorten the description to 1 line to get rid of a JSON error

There were some warnings for other things that I will look into later, but it compiled just fine besides that

That’s great news. Thanks very much for the update. If you manage to get it error free, a download link would be very much appreciated as this is the only plugin I actually require to port my project over to ue5.

Hey, did any of you guys got it working for UE 4.27? When I try to build my own blueprint actor to do navigation, I get the following error:
“DoNNavigationLog: Error: Invalid input parameters received. Actor: BP_NavigationActor_2 CollisionComponent: Invalid”

And this is what my blueprint looks like:

Thank you for that link to DL 4.26.
When I am updating this to 4.27, anything I should know? This is my first use of this plugin. I am so happy it was made available :slight_smile:

Hi firebird_01!
I’m just getting ready to set this up, chances are I’ll run into the same issue. What was your solution?

I recompile plugin to 4.27.2 DonAINavigation.7z - Google Drive

Hey! Any luck with that DoN plugin in UE5 ?

5.2.1 version is here :
Plugin For UE5.2.1

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Hello, I am currently using version 5.3. How can I update from 5.2 to 5.3? The project I need to use a plugin for is a blueprint project that cannot be rebuilt using C++. Placing it in the engine will cause the engine to crash. Can you help me? Thank you!

Compiled for UE 5.3.2

Plugin For UE 5.3.2

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getting The following modules are missing or built with a different engine version:


Engine modules cannot be compiled at runtime. Please build through your IDE. Any idea how to work around it? Thanks!

Couldn’t get it to work with UE 5.4.2. Has anyone been able to compile it for it?

I did try to compile and got two errors that never ever showed up in any other versions of UE…
Kinda sad the situation the engine is in now… I don’t know if its bugged or a problem with the DoN’s plugin… I am not very good with c++ and lost all will to carry on with this engine because of constant performance / crashes of new releases. I agree it would be nice if someone could post a 5.4 version…

Hey novo.88 I sent you a PM.

Hi Skull, I have the same issue as novo.88. Is it possible to share the same thing you did with him?

Here is a link for DoN’s UE 5.4, Enjoy and have fun!!

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Thaks man, you’re the best