Dolphin Airship Blueprint

Want to get around your adventure game in style? Check out the Dolphin class airship models from DDDesigns. Features Custom Flight controls without using built in movement mode. Auto tilts ship to level when idle. Smooth and adjustable speeds and controls. Animations that respond to control actions and speed, for example the ropes move the faster you go and Fins flap in direction turning. Also features a custom speed gauge,basic shipwheel steering animation for your character and shipwheel mesh animation that respond to controls.

-Auto Tilt level system

-Custom flight system with “only exit when ship is level” feature

-Custom speed gauge Widget

-Customize interior with included meshes

-Change the color and adjust dirt levels of almost every material on the Airship using Instances

-Adjustable flight speed settings within Blueprint

-Adjustable camera and Cabin zoom camera during flight

-Custom LampSet Blueprint that swiches from Bulb to Candle

-Fins move to player controls

-Fan propellor and gear animations respond to player controls

-Shipwheel mesh and basic character animation of flying ship that responds to controls

-Rumbling animations for engine and exhaust pipes

-Animated doors and Control panel

-Basic particle set up for exhaust and motor effects using starter content

-Control info UI

-Airship Frame mesh-Triangles/13323-Vertices/30214

-Airship Round mesh- Triangles/3778 -Vertices/3785

-Airship Wallpanels mesh-Triangles/1151 -Vertices/1642

-Airship Fin mesh- Triangles/1314 -Vertices/1463

-Airship Blimp,Ropes,Tube mesh- Triangles/12584 -Vertices/18972

-RopeBlock mesh- Triangles/771 -Vertices/496

-Dolphin Lamp mesh - Triangles/1346 -Vertices/1279

-Ship Wheel mesh- Triangles/3588 -Vertices/3473

-Flag mesh- Triangles/512 -Vertices/289

-Engine FanGear mesh- Triangles/3412 -Vertices/4724

-Engine Gears mesh- Tirangles/2284 -Vertices/2892

-Engine Exhaustpipes mesh- Triangles/4390 -Vertices/2605

-Engine Body mesh- Triangles/21768 -Vertices/18127

-ControlPanel Mesh- Triangles/924 -Vertices/972

-Decor Wood mesh- Triangles/3421 -Vertices/2609

-Decor Gold mesh- Triangles/13392 -Vertices/13705

-Decor GoldFlair mesh- Triangles/1094 -Vertices/1166

-Decor GoldTrim mesh- Triangles/232 -Vertices/464

-Decor GoldDolphinTrim mesh -Triangles/2330 -Vertices/4682

-Pipeset mesh- Triangles/204 -Vertices/196

-PipeClamp mesh- Triangles/316 -Vertices/552

-Plank Wall,Floor,Roof mesh- Triangles/132 -Vertices/264

-SupportPost mesh- Triangles/242 -Vertices/228

-StairsLarge mesh- Triangles/673 -Vertices/817

-StairsMedium mesh- Triangles/474 -Vertices/578

-StairsSmall mesh- Triangles/291 -Vertices/349

-Gold Cap mesh- Triangles/156 -Vert/151

-27 Static meshes, 11 Skeletalmesh/PhysicAsset/Skeletons

-3 Blueprints: DolphinAirshipBP/ ThirdpersoncharacterBP/ LampsetBP

-3 Widget Blueprints: ControlsGuide/ EntershipPopup/ Speedgauge

-48 textures-Diffuse,Rough,Normal,Specular,AO (1024,2048,and4096).

-26 Materials and 20 Adjustable Material Instances

-30 Animation assets

-10 BlendSpaces and 2 Animation Blueprints

-2 Maps including an overview map of all assets

-Input: Gamepad, Keyboard, Mouse

-Network Replicated: No.

-Supported Development Platforms: Windows

-Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows


-Important/Additional Notes: Basic Collision, Lights,and LODs also added.