Dolmen (creating community) We need your opinion

Hi folks!

It’s with great joy that I share with you some of the Dolmen, a game we’ve been developing for about a year here at Massive Work Studio.

Dolmen is a third-person action game with RPG elements in which the player discover the unknown world of Revion Prime, in a Sci Fi atmosphere of suspense and mystery, be constantly challenged and astounded.

I would like to present here our recently launched Teaser, trailler and also a gallery of images with more information.



The Story of Dolmen: (part 1)

The exact location is a mystery. The star maps were lost and after the Nikiderma invaded it, very little can be said about that planet. Its star is called Nynfeid. As neighbors, it has four gas giants. The corpses of its people were expelled from its atmosphere, so their mass decomposition wouldn’t alter the ecosystem.

Being alone in Revion Prime is like having been forgotten by life. But today, something extraordinary is about to happen. An earthling wanders through that unwelcoming environment. As he stood up, he had no idea where his crew was or how he got there. For what reason was he the last to be awaken from cryogenic slumber? What went wrong with the mission? With no answers and no hope, looking for the others could be his last choice…

(part 2)
The story of Dolmen may be comprehended as an investigation focusing the past and future of an alien planet as seen through the eyes of a human being. Although his original task was very different from that, he was brought to a place never seen before, with no resources and unprepared for what he will find there. Exploration and adaptability shall be used to bring him some truth behind what really happened to him.

That’s when the game begins. In a dark place, miles away from the surface of that strange planet, inside the caves which once were part of an evolved society. A society that doesn’t exist anymore. There’s just a lonely person, from the distant Earth, trying to be part of that place to survive it. He’s the only witness of what’s left of something he may never understand completely. But he must try or be part of its remains. There’s no option.

Since the history of the human race is based on evolution and the ability to endure suffering, maybe he will triumph against adversity. Or not.


Having said all this, I would love to hear your impressions about the game, any and all feedback is welcome. We’ll share more exciting information soon.

Kickstarter on april right ?