Dojo Scene (Working Title)

Hi all! Hope everyone is well.

From April to June, whilst completing my studies at University, i was creating a side project which was a Dojo scene.Below is the reference image i used, which i found on Polycount:

I used this as the main reference, but changed the atmosphere and overall mood of the scene to my own liking, more of a Twilight Sunset/Moonlit. The final shots are shown below:

I’ll attach more images below cause the post keeps putting up errors if add anymore links o.o

I’m open to all suggestions to improve the scene. I plan to use this as a cut scene to the beginning of a fight in the future.

I’m also open to suggestions for the name of the Dojo!

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Woah… This is very nice!! Congrats! Keep up the awesome work!

Hey thanks for the reply ScientificGentlemen! I’ve placed some more images below:

All feedback is welcomed! I’ll be starting up some new projects in the coming weeks.