doing the introduction to 3rd person tutorial,Help!.

At video 12,
I had the character running around but I had aligned the mest to high in regards to the capsule.

I re-sized the capsule and it went wrong so I pressed ctr z to undo and the component info has gone.
Now when I run it there is no character. the state machine data is all there and the animations.

In the event graph the State machine is all intact. but the construction script has only a purple construction script box.
If i goto the details of the blueprint all the character movement variables have gone no jump height or anything.
The mesh is no longer in the capsule, its gone.
Is it a bug with the CTR Z I wish Id just resized it now Why did I press ctrZ, Aarrrrgghhh.

Is there a way to fix this please dont say start again.
CharacterMovement Component seems broken. Maybe this has happened to some one else learning Unreal Engine for first time and they worked it out??