Doing my first mod

I was trying to follow tutorial #2 from 2015 on creating my mod. But it was on something different(and old) so need some help cause kinda confused.

So, i’m trying to create Tranq mod for arrows at the moment. But i do not want to replace the base game stuff. From tutorial #2 i be-leave i have got the grasp on the part, create folder in mods copied the generic stuff over.

so far i got
Generic mod stuff renamed,
PrimalItemAmmo renamed

And file i think i need bit confused about

DmgType_ProgectilewithImpactFX_ renamed

But not sure how this file is referenced from the above files??!?!!? As it has what i want changed in it.

Thanks for any help.

PrimalItemWeapon references PrimalWeapon which references the ProjectileBP. You’ll be needing those files. Also, I recommend going to PrimalEarth and creating children of the PrimalGameData there as opposed to copying over Generic Mod, it’s cleaner that way.

Thanks for the reply, I’m not wanting to make new bows. So how would i go about adding my arrow to base.

So i just ran a test with some changes, I got my new arrow in the game. Found files you mentioned. As posted above i’m not wanting to make new bows also.

In my test i have seemed to failed at adding them to base bows.

Ok, So i got the arrow in game and working(i think, not sure about stats i gave it.) but when i have my arrow equipped on the bow it’s counting my arrow and default arrow that can be shot. like i had 2 arrows of mine, and 1 reg tranq so it was 1/3 on the bow icon in game.