Doing colission detection on C++

is there any way to do a collision detection in unreal using C++?
i try to follow this example
but it seem like its not getting recognized by the complier
i m trying to do a area collision box where when a player enter the zone , the code will triggered and make the mesh rust percentage increase and when they leave the collision box , the rust percentage will decrease
can anyone show me how is it done?
or like any reference?
i notice that C++ reference is pretty rare and it became more rare due to unreal docs getting reorganize and all the coding sample is gone
can anyone help?

thanks , it actually fufill the requirment i need
however i m stuck at these
i follow it exactly the same but i have error in the trigger capsule
do u know how to fix it?

Read the error log maybe? :smiley:
C++ is case sensitive., you missed an uppercase when declaring TriggerCapsule, it should be UCapsuleComponent* instead of UcapsuleComponent*.

Also, Error E0020 - TirggerCapsule or TriggerCapsule?