Doing a set of videos on IKinema runtime-indie for UE4

Hi people,

In case you have a license for the IKinema runtime-indie for UE4 you may be able to find some usefull stuff in the following videos im about to post over the next coming period. It will be centered around how to use the IK-solver from a practical perspective and i will do some experimentation with it as well. Since i just bought my own license a week ago, i am in NO way an expert or anything close to that, but just want to share my experiences with the plugin and show what i found out in hope that it can benefit others in a similar position.

I will try to be unbiased as much as i can, but should mention that the IKinema solver seem to be a highly generic piece of software and has a lot of parameters that can be tweaked individually but each setting together in combination will have an effect on the end result, so by nature you should be prepared to experiment a lot to get the behavior you like. There don’t seem to be a simple fit-it-all solution. When that’s said, i see the plugin as an obvious replacement for using the two-bone IK and FABRIK once you want to do some more complicated IK stuff, and definetely worth every penny once you get a hang of it.

Feel more than welcome to comment on my videos and also i encurage people to share their experiences on the IKinema forum so we can all get better at using this awsome plugin.

Here’s link to the playlist on my channel: IKinema - Part 1 - Basic foot setup - YouTube

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I vouch for that guy he’s legit. I’d prefer the tutorials to be a bit more fast paced but it’s detailed!

Thanks Teo, and right over mate. Like your content on your channel. Lots of excellent stuff in there. Thumbs up!