Doing a box trace within actors transform

Hello there,
first post here asking for some guidance.

So i´ve got several shelfes in my game project, they are filled with many HISMs of small objects.
When my character approaches a shelf i do a box trace within the shelf BP to find all Instances that are inside this shelf and then replace them with dynamic objects.

Problem is I cannot get the box trace to work correctly with the exact location, rotation and size of the shelf actor. Just a few of the instances get replaced, others stay instanced.

Is a box trace the right choice and how could i feed the shelfes transform data into the box trace node so that it traces exactly within this area?




This should work since you want to get certain actors within known bounds.
Tracers, shaped or line, are used when you need to know if something is between Start point and End point.
You can of course use a shaped trace which has same Start and End point, but I haven’t seen a single situation where that would be needed. Overlap has been perfect for those situations.



You could use the MultiBoxTrace instead of BoxTrace, which outputs all actors inside instead of first one if rotation would be significant.

Ah great, now it’s tracing fine with multi box within the actors bounds!
Thank you very much