Doesnt EPIC do refunds of marketplace assets anymore?

Im not sure if the topic fits here, but admins can move it if not :slight_smile:
I wrote a email to EPIC with a refund request 4.nov and still havent heard from them. Isnt it possible to get refunds anymore?

Yeah, I’ll move it into Marketplace section.
Refund function is live, but… well, check out my thread :stuck_out_tongue:
Basically speed of replies is super slow now, so just wait.

I remember it was faster before, so yeah I guess I have to wait then.

Hello, Frequia! Can you PM me your information so I can make sure we received your refund request at We’re usually pretty quick about these, and we’ll look into this ASAP.

Just out of curiosity what are the rules about refunding?

Hey FrostyShield, you can find them in Marketplace FAQ

Hello, yes I remember the EPIC`s support is great and I just got an email. This case is taken care of :slight_smile: