Does Xbox one is planning to have the VR like Sony PS4K is going to have ?

I wonder because of the 3 consoles : PS4, the so-called NX, and the Xbox one, that last is probably the one which could have the best possibility because the kinect !

What do you think about it ?

Already been rumored in a lot of places that Xbox will probably use Oculus Rift with it’s controller or and upcoming Oculus Touch. Even the Xbox controller bundled with it and majority of games using it kinda support the idea.

that would be cool, indeed the touch have X & Y on one and A & B on the another which are the letters on the XBOX controllers

From what I understand, the XBox will stream the game to your PC. The PC is what will be running the VR equipment.

Currently, you can stream the Xbox to PC and display it in a VR theater type thing, but the rumor is that next year there will be an updated Xbox One with increased power and VR capability probably with a headset in partnership with Oculus.

The current rumors:

  • There will be an XB1 “slim” announced very soon, possibly at E3.
  • There will be a new, backwards compatible, XB1 with significantly more powerful hardware in 2017.
  • It will be more powerful than the new “PS4K”
  • It will support a third party VR hardware.

AFAIK there has been no credited rumors as to the HMD being the Oculus Rift. It is based on the previous cooperation with Oculus. On the other hand MS just announced a cooperarion with HTC to have Windows Holographic (Hololens) run on the Vive.

So I guess all bets are up!