Does writing new code force a reset of the editor ?

So i noticed that when ever i write new code ( I’m following a beginners tutorial) that the engine won’t update the action without my reopening the game. So for example I had to get the game to print to the output log the name and location of an object in the game and the code complies fine but i have to re-open the game every time for such basic things , is that normal should i expect ot re open the game every time i want to something basic like print a postion or move something ?

Also i’m running the newest engine version 4.14.1 and visual studio 2015 on update 3 if that helps. It also does not update if I use compile in ue4 or build function in vs they both require me to restart the game to get a change of the code working in game.

Anyone know why this happens ? is this a normal thing i feel it would really slow down building a game ?

It shouldn’t be that way. Do you compile from within UE4?

I was yes i got it working after restarting my computer and the editor so its working now.