Does World Partition use Solar Time

Hello All, I have a question, that I would like a confirmation on what may be the reason for why my World Partition may be having conflicts with a a Day / Night System set of Blueprints that I followed from a year old Tutorial series.

My question is dose World Partition use “Solar Time” for streaming of Landscape sections.

I had asked a question in relation to this issue as per :

In relation to setting this System up and having most of my landscape not load when in play mode yet is fine in editor, and how this is random as I find a couple of sections of Landscape load further on but nothing between, and the landscape section where my character begins dose not load up, but when I remove the Custom Sunsky and restore the Directional light, the landscape streams perfectly fine again.

So would this relate to something in the Solar Time, because as far as I know that is the only thing that changes in the Sunsky, compared to added Blueprints, since Solar time had been replaced with Hours, Minutes and Seconds.

The Day / Night system works fine on a simple terrain and the tutorial test this on a simple mesh terrain object of a plane, but for some reason its conflicting with the loading of Streamed Landscape sections.

So would replacing or removing the Variable Solar Time effect World streaming in World Partition. or is it some other issue, as I am still not sure what else to try, as I do need a reliable Day / Night system implemented on a large streaming landscape, and hopefully for free, via tutorials or something.

I had followed this set of tutorials:

The system works well but on a streaming landscape somehow causes issues in Streaming with World Partition?

Is this due to Solar Time, or something else? Would anyone else have an idea, I have tried now two different Day / Night Systems, this one also offered the chance to setup an events system, but so far a test spotlight won’t turn on/off. At this stage I want the Day / Night System working with a Streamed Landscape, anyway.

I hope someone has a better idea, note I am still learning Unreal
Regards David