Does World Composition even work?

I am pretty new to UE4 and have been trying to figure out how to use World Composition to construct my environment and am running into quite a few difficulties. Perhaps I’m not understanding how this tool works so maybe you can correct what I’ve been trying to achieve.

I create a few levels that have a landscape in each of the layers. Once I enable World Composition in World settings, it finds the maps I have saved in the same directory of the level I was working on and adds them under the persistent level. However, when I click on the World composition tool in the levels panel, I’m having some weird behavior. One, even though the landscape is the same size in each layer, one shows up a completely different size then the other one in World Comp. Also, sometimes it will just slightly bigger then the other, but on the larger icon, it will have a band of color on it on the enlarged area. I’m also getting quite a few crashes with UE4 often when I click on the visibility of a layer with World Composition enabled.

I have been trying to understand how this tool works and have read through the docs and have watched what videos I could find on it but have yet to see a clear workflow defined for this tool. The one video which someone else pointed out to me was for UE 4.2 where World Comp was simply an experimental feature and it seemed to have a different workflow then in current version. Can someone please point to some instruction or offer some advice on what the workflow for setting up environments using World Composition?

It works I know this is almost a year old. But you have to go into your layers. Define a layer with a streaming distance. Then add your levels to this layer. I have my layers extend an addition 10% the range of the level bounds so that the objects are allowed some over lap. If you need help, let me know. The documentation and tutorials are very unhelpful. It took me 8 months getting this all worked out.

Hey I am new as well, it would be awesome if you could give me a run down on how that all works and how to get it set up. I read the documentation and tutorials several times and it just doesn’t make sense.

Michaelis: Any specifics that’s unclear? And also, what do you want to create?