Does/will UE5 support C++17 without requiring a source build?

I haven’t been able to properly build a project in UE5EA yet from VS so I haven’t tested this at all. I haven’t read about or seen talk about it in a video. Lots of info out there so I might have missed it.

Currently to support C++17 in UE4 you need to build the engine from source with C++17 support and use VS 2019. UE5 uses VS2019 already which is awesome. Supporting C++17 is the only reason I currently use the source build and I would much prefer to return to using the engine releases on the Epic Launcher.

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My experience is that UE5EA and UE4.26 (maybe earlier versions, I haven’t tried) both support C++17. You just need to add

CppStandard = CppStandardVersion.Cpp17;

to your *.Build.cs file.

Earlier versions of UE4.26 even supported C++20 features by setting CppStandard = CppStandardVersion.Latest. Unfortunately my builds fail (with errors that look difficult to resolve now) if I set that.