Does VXAO work together with VXGI?

Hi guys, so I’ve been trying around and I’m still not clear about the use of VXAO and VXGI. Can someone with experience about this shred me some light on the following: Does VXAO work in VXGI mode? Currently when I use VXGI, the VXAO isn’t working at all. The only way to get VXAO working is in stand-alone mode by having r.VXGI.AmbientOcclusionMode set to 1 in console while turning off the VXGI. This will of course turn off the GI effect of VXGI, which is not what I want, I want both on. I saw some people in here said VXAO doesn’t work together with VXGI, but other said (and even in Nvidia docs “VXAO is included as part of the NVIDIA VXGI library.”) that it’s working as the “Ambient” section within VXGI. I’ve been scratching my head thin because I couldn’t get both working together, so a clear confirmation from someone who knows it first hand will help me a lot. Thank you!

VXAO is VXGI with the GI cut out, it’s the same thing though. Same calculations going on and all that. If you’re using VXGI anyway, the AO is free and just a part of how it works.

I’m not sure if this is correct? I’ve tried using VXAO as the “Ambient” section of VXGI by toggling that on, but clearly it doesn’t work (no VXAO at all).