Does updating C++ code for a class update a blueprint?

Hello all.

I’m just curious if the blueprint I saved of a previous version of my C++ code needs to be deleted and recreated, or if it automatically adapts to any updates I make to the code of its class.

When I compile and try to test my code, all of the debug messages suggest that my C++ class has updated just fine, but the way my pawn and camera are positioned make me wonder if the blueprint might be the issue.

I just want to clear this possibility off the list before I pose a more technical question.

Blueprint will automatically adapt the C++ changes.

I think it could be either:

  1. Hot reload bug.
    To not using hot reload, you can compile from the visual studio project file, use “Star Debugging (F5)” function.
    So, every time you make changes to the C++, close the editor and use “Start Debugging (F5)”.

  2. You make changes to the position in editor.
    If you make changes to a uproperty in editor, it won’t adapt to any changes of its parent class (even blueprint class). To adapt the changes, click the revert button.

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