Does unreal use pure c++ for scripting or its a dialect or just syntax o c++?

there are fiew features in unreal script that are not in pure c++ like there is no attribute in original c++. those UCLASS, UPROPERTY and…

i need to know everything in c++ is translated to pure c++ that makes a fast AAA engine or there are virtual machines and higher-level stuff in unreal?

to keep it short, I’m coding in pure c++ or its other language made by epic?

UE4 c++ is c++. The UCLASS, UPROPERTY, USTRUCT, UFUNCTION, UENUM, etc. are Macros used by the engine mostly to automate things. Said macros also make it easy to set up classes which are accessible from both c++ and Blueprints.

Documentation got a few pages on topics like “specifiers” which explain a bit more: