Does Unreal support Progressive morph targets?

Hi guys,

I can’t seem to be able to get progressive morph targets into unreal from max, is this supported? Given that fbx has no problem exporting the progressives but Unreal seems to be at odds with it.

Any workarounds?


more info here please… first: explain to a non-max user what a progressive morph target is supposed to mean.
Second, what exactly is failing in ue4? can you define “to be at odds with it” please?


Progressive morphing is unique to 3ds Max so no UE4 does not support it but you can fake it by progressing through X number of targets.

Thanks guys, ok good to know.

Adeptus: Sorry thought it would be clear, basically its a combination of morph targets into one morph channel in the 3d app, so something like a blink which usually would require two morph targets ( eyelid coming mid way and eyelid full close) can be controlled via one slider automatically so you don’t have to manually animate the two targets.