Does Unreal not support in between blendshape animations?


I have an FBX that has a blendshape animation. The blendshape uses in-between blendshapes to keep animation easy with one slider. Imported into Unity perfectly. Unreal…not so perfect. The blendshapes have been imported, but the animation ignores the in-betweens.

Does Unreal not support in between blendshape animations? Or is there a trick to importing them (I’ve tried just about every export/import setting at this point.)

Here is a video to show the issue:

Any updates on this? I too would like to know if this is possible…

I assume you mean progressive morphing? (that’s what it’s called in Max)

Progressive morphing is a feature unique to the app as it works by creating a list of targets and what weight they need to be at 100%. UE4 as well as FBX does not support progressive morphing directly as it can not recreate the unique list of either Maya or Max.


You can recreate the list in UE4 by exporting each of the target shapes as a separate channel and animate each of the channels individually and export the animations. You can then add the clips to a montage and it will progress as it would in 3ds max or maya.

As well

UE4 now supports pose to pose animation so you could animate the progression, export it as a single take, convert it to pose animation and index the progression any way you wish.

Any update on in-between blendshape support?

Unreal 4 now has support for the Alembic format.

The format will export the animated frames as I suggested as a work around.

I’m aware of alembic support. Which isn’t an option in my case though since my head material is relying on blendshape values to automatically drive wrinkle maps. I know there are workarounds for that as well but UE simply supporting in-between blendshapes like Unity would bypass all of that.