Does Unreal Engine really make ridiculously big application?

In many forums, I’ve read about this problem!
Is it really true?
Or in the latest version is this bug fixed?

If I make a simple 3D game that goes arround 100 mb, its no use to me!

Tell me about your experience regarding this matter!

I really like Unreal…
But for this (bug) I’m currently hung between Unreal and Unity!

Thanks in advance!

Big textures take a lot of space, and yes its very easy to go over 100mb with unreal.
There is more, it eats like 30-40mb for breakfast. Most is engine code but there is some wasted data (textures that are used in editor only).

Unreal is next gen engine, it is meant for top line products that are available now (like nvidia shield, or iphone 6)
You do not develop 3d game overnight, you will do stuff for few months to year or two, in this time 100mb should be not that big deal.
It is already peanuts if you are on wifi. Next gen phones with 64gb memory will be fine.

And it is not a bug, rather feature, or lack of optimization. However i think unreal never will get smaller than 30mb that is used for engine.
Hopefully they get rid of that extra wasted data.

yes it is true
the exact same test app, exact same assets
ue4 = 155mb
unity = 22mb

so u still stick with unreal?

yes, 100 mb isn’t a fact…
but if a normal 3D game goes over 400/500 Mb, then its certainly a big problem…

Do u have any experience regarding this matter?
Developed any app for Android?

i just play with unreal now and then, the biggest put off is the constant crashing tbh. i get the impression epic don’t care too much for mobile and are going all out for super high end pc games.
since unity went free it makes sense to use it for mobile games. its no longer restricted like 4.x so you get everything you might want and it all just works.

yes several back in the day (around android 2.3) all in java and c++, haven’t released anything for android using an engine yet.

so you’d recommend Unity over Unreal in mobile development?

You shouldn’t make simple games with UE4.

Why not? There is no word from Epic that unreal is only for big games. They even did “tiny” bloated examples.
Yes its very frustrating that i need to count every mb in textures while unreal wastes 100mb on start. (did not know its that much).

But give them some time, and pick best engine for you, they fail they lose some part of mobile market. But i hope they give some attention to sizes for mobile.

Best engine for mobile games is def NOT ue4, no need to guess. I don’t even know why Epic bothers with 2d…inside a 3d engine lol overkill much?

There is no reason not to make simple games with UE4. Like Nawrot said, Epic did encourage that with it’s tiny examples. That is from the communication point of view, but…

What’s really frustrating is that the engine is capable of building small mobile apps, all that’s really needed is making this options available in the editor’s user interface. This plus the fact that Epic did in fact lie a bit with Tappy Chicken, by building the app in a way that is not documented and using tricks that are not available in the engine toolset, creates some bad impression about Epic’s commitment to mobile development.

I believe it’s the communication that’s the real issue here. There have been some mobile improvements announced for the 4.8 release, there are open tasks in the roadmap that where set for March. Let’s see how that goes. I personally do believe that it’s worth exploring these early days for UE4 on Android and iOS as it will be worth the hassle in the future. But what mobile developers need, before other advanced stuff is simlpy sorting out some basics, vital for mobile development:

  • the package size
  • ads providers
  • engine overload
  • compability, however let’s not expect it to run on the devices that should be already in the museum
  • simple splashscreen
  • android ‘Share’ function integration
  • Facebook login

And the funny thing is that this stuff is generally easier to do than a new foliage shading and placement. But it’s this, not basic mobile improvements, that are coming one after another. Some clear communication with realistic timeline would really help to clear the air.

And you know, if you want to make money on roylaties, than you better think about monetization and user retention of the games made with your engine… it’s all about the numbers.

They will improve ue4 for sure. So it is worth learning now, or keeping skills fresh. And while doing it, releasing one or two games over few years period.
Because why not t o get some $$ for your time.

My only concern is that UDK story will repeat, they will put all that so much needed stuff into “unreal engine 5”.

If the app is good and engageable I don’t think users care, I mean, do you? Do you really think about that if the game is fun?

Do what you can with what you have.

I am doing what I can, check my singature :wink: these are not just some sorrow complaints, just a realistic view on the current situation. The guys at Epic are doing some great work in many areas, but that does not mean that we can’t help them by addressing the issues that we care about.

The package size is only one off the things that need to be adressed in the mobile development area. But if I need to free some space on my phone I do look for the largest apps, always. The favourites will stay the longest, but some games just need to go to make space. If they were smaller and stayed on my phone I would more likely play them again in the future, and this means more or less money for the developer.

Let’s take into account that not everybody is having a large SD card and a rooted phone to move stuff around freely. And average people do not have the time or skills to do anything more than using the Google Play store and uninstalling the apps from their phones. While making games we need to think about average, not power users.

yap… thats true…
would u recommend me unreal over unity?

Hard to tell, it depends on things like your skills or your goals, both short and long term.

I personally preffer Unreal. A year ago you had to pay $1500 + $1500 + $1500 for Unity to get the full toolset for PC and mobile. And even though you don’t have to pay it to start working with Unity now I do not regret the choice.

I love the Blueprints system, it allows me to easily experiment and do stuff that I could not do alone in Unity just like that. I don’t have the time to learn C# before even starting to have fun with games. With BPs I can gradually learn what I need at the moment and move forward with my ideas in the same time.

I like the looks of UE4, the lighting and shading model, and I simply love the material editor with it’s workflow and it’s creative possibilities.

I can also say that the community and staff, both here on the forums and on answerhub are a huge asset of UE4. I have nothing but positive experience in using UE4 social tools.

I do also strongly believe that the mobile development will get all the needed improvements, and choosing UE4 I did understand that this is a new tech, especially the mobile support.

And mobile games are not my only interest, I have many different ideas and plans for the future that are more suited for UE4 than Unity IMO. And I am saying that after playing around with Unity for some time.

But if you are only interested in mobile games, and you are a skilled C# programmer I guess that your point of view would be quite different.