does unreal engine have a c++ program?

does unreal engine have a c++ program? and if not whats a good coding program besides visual studio because i cant find it :confused:

What do you mean you can’t find it? Have you actually looked? Type “visual studio” into google and its the first hit.
The best skill you can learn will be how to find the information you’re looking for, it will make you far more efficient getting things done, so I’d suggest practice.

Are you running Windows, Mac, or Linux? VS is only available for Windows. XCode is for Mac. I’m not sure what Linux uses for C++ development.

From what I heard development under linux isn’t so great right now. They used to not even have a linux version of the editor if I remember correctly.

Xcode on Mac and Visual Studio on windows is what you need. Unreal Engine comes with lots of really crazy addons to C++ so you pretty much have to go with the environment they require and can’t just set up an arbitrary C++ project in any IDE without considerable work.

You can also use QT creator, and I think this works for linux.

Visual Studio doesn’t come with UE. You’ll need to download the express or the community edition from microsoft’s site