Does Unreal Engine 5 .. N still like UE4?

Unreal Engine 4 is a nice tools, full source code access, even someone could make adu*t game with it LOL.
Just like the community version of MySQL.

But still have many learning cost, and need development.

So i’m interesting on the future about UE.
Here has new Upgrade plan for the future about community?
And it could be still friendly… just like Unity?

Are you comparing a tool with a limited license VS a complete game engine with a commercial license ?

I am all sorts of confused.

  1. Yeah… I suppose you could make an adult game with it, not sure why you censored adult. I mean you could make an adult game with anything. The question is why would you, and what does this have to do with UE4?
  2. What does UE4 have to do with MySQL? Are you comparing development licenses? Are you asking if the projected UE5 will have a different license?
  3. There is a Trello with the upgrade path for Unreal Engine 4. This is your best look into the future.

  1. UE4 is pretty friendly, I am sure it will only get better and better as time goes on. Unity and Unreal are two different tools. Are you asking if UE5 will look and function like Unity. I would have to say probably not.

I’d really like to see this adult game made with MySQL.

Yes, i’m compare licenses

Indeed, many adult game(if it with online content) real use MySQL, Linux and PHP.