Does Unreal Engine 4 scale? Well see for yourself

For the most part, most developers (me included) often always have the latest and greatest computers and devices. Therefore we are able to provide good support, performance, and features that really work well for the devices we have access too. I have a Galaxy Note 3/2 , Nexus 10, Nexus 7 and Android works to be expect for these devices. But this is because they use new(er) hardware by reputable and/or popular vendors (Google and Samsung! Reference and mainstream devices!). Anyway i thought I would actively investigate how unreal works on old, and unique form factors. Android is a HUGE platform with an exponentially growing number of form factors.

I am not saying Unreal Engine 4 on Android is perfect. In fact in some regards, it doesn’t have as many features or equal performance to the other mobile engine competitor. Each iteration has had better mobile experience since Unreal engine 4.1. Epic staff members are focused on making android a more then viable target platform.

Sorry for grammar mistakes or missing information, i’ll add/edit as i go, and feel free to post your experience in older/unique devices

Neptune Pine:
Challenges: Its a watch/wearable! Small form factor, lower end (current’ish’ hardware)


  • CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 1.2Ghz Dual-Core Processor

  • RAM: 512 Mb

  • OS | STATUS:

    • Android 4.1 : Official (its close to AOSP): It runs tappy chicken at about 30 fps!!!

  • Issues: Resolution and Aspect ratio, as you can see in tappy chicken, there is some problem with clipping. Other than that works very well!

Is this small/unique enough :stuck_out_tongue:


Samsung Galaxy S1 (captivate):
Challenges: Hardware is almost 4 years old, launched on android 2.1!


  • CPU: Single Core 1ghz

  • RAM:512 mb - 328mb usable

  • OS | STATUS:

    • Android 2.1 (launch os): unknown

    • Android 2.2 : unknown

    • Android 4.1 : unofficial/unsupported ROM: Crash on load

    • Android 4.4 : Cyanogen mod: IT runs!!.. it works to be expect, not ideal performance but given the specs, i’m shocked Unreal Engine runs. Tappy chicken runs at about 10-15 fps!

  • Issues: Resolution and Scaling needs to be an active point of focus (800×480) fixed texture sizes like mine doesn’t scale well (woops)!

Custom Projects:
(more my fault not taking into account low resolution scaling)

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Hey KRushin,

I appreciate you taking your time to post this thread. :slight_smile:

Really cannot wait to see what kind of performance we will get on a OUYA (Tegra 3 with 1 GB of Ram)

Once I get my Amazon FireTV back out of storage, I’ll be seeing how a lot of the new android enhancements work on it. Will post my findings :slight_smile: