Does Unreal Engine 4 Have a freebuilding option similar to The Forest


Not sure if I posted this on the right board but I will move it if needed. I am very new to design and I was wondering if Unreal Engine offers a tool set similar to The Forest’s method of world building. If you have not played The Forest it is a Horror survival game designed on the unity engine, in this game you build a camp/fort using blueprints from a book. You select your blueprint then in the world real time in front of you a grey ghost image appears in front of your character, you can move it freely and use the R button to rotate it, when it is in a place that is applicable or able to build you hit E and it places the structure. Next you gather the appropriate raw materials then “deposit” them into the structure. It even has a feature that visually shows the progress as the grey turns into a solid for representing the finishing of the structure. Simply put I’m wondering if something similar could be accomplished with Unreal Engine 4?


Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: Several people have designed their own kind of building system in the UE4 community and Epic is creating FortNite which also includes collecting resources and building things.

You should be able to find several examples on YouTube and the forums.

It’s definitely something you can implement, I have a pretty robust system working in the game I’m developing so far, and it wasn’t too complex to set up.

Yes it is possible with UE4

It’s possible -> [Video] The Forest like Building system | Realtime construction/crafting gameplay - Work in Progress - Unreal Engine Forums :slight_smile: