Does UE4 works within vmware?

No, it doesn’t.

I had access to UE4 Beta and tried setting it up in several Virtual Machines as my preference would have been to have my OS by linux with a Virtual Machine running UE4.

None of them support Direct X 11. You need gpu hardware support of Dx11.

It will crash on startup, with a does not support DirectX 10 message.

VMware probably doesn’t have the nessesary hardware virtualization needed to run the engine. I think the last time I looked - it barely supported dx9 (if that). They would need to be emulating GPU hardware capable of dx11 or opengl es for the engine to run on it.

Nick (Epic Games)

I can’t seem to be able to start UE4 launcher using windows 7 running from inside a vmware virtual machine. UE4 works fine under my Mac OSX environment. Any pointer or log I could look at to figure out what’s going on ?

I guess you could try running it with -opengl to try OpenGL 3.2 mode, but like Nick wrote, it all depends on level of hardware virtualization VMware provides.

Thanks, this will save me time trying to figure out why it was not working !

It works for me under the VMware 8.0.1 (Win7 VM on OS X 10.10). It’s very slow, and it gives lots of warnings about waiting for the GPU, but it works for making my Windows packages.