Does Ue4 utilize multi gpu? And if so, how many?

Hello Unreal Engine 4 Community,

I couldnt find a better place to start asking my question. If you have a better place for finding more/better answers then please tell me.
So I want to build a system with the 3970x and Im not sure going with 2 Radeon 7 or 4 Radeon 7. With 4 way Crossfire its only 2x 4.0x16 and 2x 4.0x8 lines. So is Ue4 even built for more then 2 way sli or Crossfire. Or can it use the full power of the 4 radeon 7, if needed for rendering etc. Or should I stick with “only” two Radeon 7 but with 2x 4.0x16 lines. Maybe I also consider 2x3080ti but thats another question.

SLI and Crossfire are dead.
Multi GPU means this today:

UE4 can only utilize one GPU