Does UE4 support promotional in-app purchases?

Google has a feature where you can generate promotional codes that users can apply which grant them access to your paid app, or in-app purchases. I skimmed some documentation and couldn’t find any mention of this being supported.

Is it something that’s included or can be included via cpp?

I did some reading and it looks like the user submits the promotional code outside the game and then getPurchases is called from within, where then the item they received as a promotional should appear as not consumed. However, if this is the case isn’t the getPurchases(I’m assuming that’s the restore in-app purchases) node broken?

Hi Distul, I think it’s safe to say that, on the current state of UE4; don’t give out promotional code for non-consumable items; non-restorable, as I believe (correct me if I’m wrong pls), UE4 yet have the functionality (blueprint/non-UE4 github) to fully support that.

However, I do want to point that, even Apple doesn’t allow you to give promotional code for an IAP, either it is non-consumables or consumables. They’ll only allow you to generate promo code if the app is paid-app(with/without IAP) and not a free app with/without IAP. Well, that’s at least what I experienced first hand in last Dec 2015, correct me if I’m wrong in Jan/Feb onwards 2016.

Thank you for your reply. It appears that restore in-app purchases still does not work.

Since we can’t read non-consumed purchases I’m assuming this is a no-go as well.

Hi Distul,

Restore in-app purchase is fixed in 4.11 (not sure if it made it into last preview). Here is the fix on Github:

Hi Chris, thanks for the update, I haven’t yet tried the 4.11 prev4 myself, but hey, looking forward for the 4.11 official release with this one :slight_smile:

Same, I’ll wait for the official 4.11 then give it a shot.