Does UE4 support mutiple Quadro GPU's? (SLI / Quadro Sync)

Hi, I’m working on an interactive video wall project outputting to 8 touchscreen TV’s.

Currently we are planning to go with a single PC, two GPU’s - 8 outputs with total resolution of either 7680x2160 or 15360x4320 pixels. For GPU’s we are planning on 2 high-end Nvidia Quadro cards connected by either SLI bridge or Quadro Sync card.

Does anyone know if Unreal Engine would take any advantage of the 2nd GPU processing power or simply just do all the processing on one card with the second card just simply acting as output’s?

Any suggestion for running such high resolution with acceptable frame-rate?

Unreal does not support SLI, and Quadro GPUs aren’t suitable for real time applications (you’re better off with a consumer line card).

Either extensive modification to allow for distributed rendering, or use another engine. The only one I’m aware of which supports this is Unigine, but it’s terrible to work with.

Multi-GPU support will be developed, but that will only happen when all features planned for the rendering module are completed (realtime raytracing among of them) and stable. It is on the plan and its being advertised, but it will take a while, probably not even in UE4.24.