Does UE4 have a delegate type that does not force the game thread to wait?

Quite simply, I am attempting to call a delegate from another thread. However, so far, both DECLARE_DELEGATE and DECLARE_EVENT are forcing the main thread to wait for their completion even when only ever executing from another thread. As the bound functions are quite expensive, this causes a hug performance hit. Do any delegate types exist in the engine that don’t interfere with the main thread when called from another thread? Or do I have to create my own delegate type to achieve this?

I don’t think there is any, atl east i didn’t seen one, UE4 has single thread for gameplay (except ticking i think). So you will need to set up your own delegate system with function pointers.

Yeah. After searching through the source for a few hours, I couldn’t find anything. I find it hard to believe that it doesn’t have its own simple delegate mechanism. I was especially surprised to find that it’s current mechanism locks up the game thread. Live and learn I guess. I’ll give this thread until the end of the day before accepting answer.