Does UE4 Have a Decal Limit

Dear Friends at Epic,

Is there a decal limit?

After I spawn about 200 or so decals they all just suddenly disappear!

I am hoping this is just project specific :slight_smile:

I did not see anything in the Rocket Engine config file :slight_smile:

I am trying to make a footprint system using decals,

and having them all just suddenly disappear really breaks the mood :slight_smile:


I spawn decals in my game using blueprints by spawning them at location. They have been disappearing as well after a fixed time. The life of the decal is set to zero which seems to me should mean to have infinite life. Seems like something is broken.


Apparently using GameplayStatics::SpawnDecal adds the decal actor to some kind of limited pool that gets purged

#Spawning ADecalActor Directly

If I spawn the Decal actor and use the very nice and convenient DecalComponent functions, they stay!


I tested this by using both systems simultaneously, and after the GameplayStatics ones had disappeared, the ones that I spawned remained!


#Sample Code For Others

ADecalActor* NewDecal = UMyCore::Spawn(GetWorld(),NewFootStep.Location,NewFootStep.Rotation);
if(!NewDecal) return;


you need to add this

//Decal Class
#include "EngineDecalClasses.h"
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I don’t know about decal limit, but in UE3 I used particle systems for footprints instead of decals. The reason was that I could do a smooth fade-out when the footprints would disappear. Plus, I don’t know about decals, but with particles you can set dynamic properties for fade out time, and maybe other interesting stuff…

I’m curious about decal limits too, though :slight_smile:

Thanks for the great idea Pinheiro, once again!


But Epic please address this Decal topic :slight_smile:

But in meantime Pinheiro I do think I am compelled to try out your idea due to this apparent decal limit :slight_smile: