Does UE4 groom not support morph targets?

Im doing tests with hair on ue4 and I’m having a problem with this. The hair follows only the mesh when its being animated by bones, it ignores the blend shapes (morph targets) animation. I imported a skeletal mesh with morph targets, I imported the groom in alembic, dragged the skeletal mesh animation to the scene, added a groom component to the animated skeletal mesh, selected the groom asset, created and added the binding asset

The first image shows the cylinder being bend by a skeleton, the second is the same when a deformation caused by blend shapes happen. Does this not support morph targets? or am I doing something wrong?

Hi, have you solved this problem ? I got the same one !

Project Settings / Support compute skin cache in Optimization should solved it, i think, never had problems with groom not following his base mesh