Does UE4 crashes because of my video card?

I just want to make sure, that there is no solution for me but to replace my video card.
I have old video card NVIDIA 9600GT. Whenever I try to build a scene (and engine must recompute lightning) video driver crashes and so does the engine. When I start the Unreal Engine a warning pops up saying the installed driver has known issues and that I should update it. However I have the latest driver for my video card and the one that the warning propose is not for my video card. I have feeling its because of my card does not support DX12 (which is in minimal requirements). Is that right or is ther a driver for my video card that would fix this problem?
Thanks for answer.

Your card well below the minimum requirements. Most likely if your card is that old then the rest of your system doesn’t meet the minimum requirements either. For building lighting you need to have at least 8GB of RAM ideally 16GB or more